Sunday, December 4, 2016

Last Day at INK Miami

December 4, 2016: Last Day at INK Miami

It’s been a terrific time with a steady stream of visitors, from eager and/or blasé high schoolers, to hard-core curators, to gallerists fueling their own habits. Peggy Bacon, Will Barnet, William Baziotes, Howard Daum, and Karl Schrag, all especially drew interest.

Howard Daum, Face and Hand, 1945, linocut

The days began with coffee on the front porch of 156 as colleagues arrived to ‘open the shop.’ Maybe this is what small town main streets used to be like? Our back door lead to a corner store with exotic juices and hot lunches.
Will Barnet, The New Toy (Go-Go), 1947, serigraph
No need to go into the fierce baby gecko encounter of ’16. It’s enough to pass on that he/she lived to terrorize New Yorkers yet another day.

After last year’s “biblical” rain the days this year were mostly pleasant, especially yesterday (Saturday) and today, that were much less humid and even had blue sky when the clouds cleared up after the frequent showers.

On Park Avenue near 20th Street, Miami Beach

One more day to enjoy Florida -- heading home on Tuesday.

This is the link for the INK Miami overview on the site:

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