Monday, January 23, 2012


Bernard Rosenquit, Playroom, 1952

The LA Art Show ended at 5 last evening, January 22. It was a lovely fair, great looking, with lots on diverse material, well attended, and well run. The paintings of Theodore Haupt, Bernard Rosenquit, Anne Ryan, and Judith Shahn, all attracted interest. 

Peggy Bacon, All Alone, 1951, drypoint

The prints and drawings by Peggy Bacon (and embroidery), Peter Grippe, Dorothy Browdy Kushner, and Angelo Pinto, did as well.

LA is always a wonder. There's fantasy architecture. The Mayan Theatre — thanks Joseph -- is on South Hill; it opened in 1927 with a facade by Francisco Cornejo.
Mayan Theatre, South Hill, Los Angeles, 1927

There is hard-core reality: a street plaque tribute to the builders of 5000 miles of LA storm drains built in the 1920s and 30s by laborers earning $1 a day.

And, there is the cleverest possible ad/bus decor for Rise -- Planet of the Apes -- note the handsome passengers. Click on image to enlarge.