Saturday, December 5, 2015

INK Miami Art Fair, 2015

--> Sunday, December 6th is the last day!
Room 156 at the Suites of Dorchester, 1850 Collins Avenue at 19th Street.

Howard Daum, Combat, 1947
We are exhibiting at INK Miami. There are groupings for the Urban/Industrial Scene (Peggy Bacon, Lou Barlow, Isabel Bishop, Alexander Brook, Michael J. Gallagher, Gwyneth Leech, and Angelo Pinto), American Modernism (Will Barnet, William Baziotes, Axel Horn, Louis Lozowick, Alice Trumbull Mason, Jackson Pollock, and Anne Ryan), and an Atelier 17 wall (Howard Daum, Dorothy Dehner, Peter Grippe, and Franz Kline).

INK Miami Ballloon