Sunday, August 7, 2011

New York Times Review of Bacon & Circle Show

In the New York Times review of the Peggy Bacon & Her Circle show August 5, 2011, Holland Cotter wrote about the “distinctly geeky male students lurking in the background” of Bacon’s 1918 drypoint, Lunch at the League, with Dorothy Varian and Doris Rosenthal.

                              Peggy Bacon, Lunch at the League, 1918
He also noted that George Bellows, Kenneth Hayes Miller, and John Sloan, teachers at the League, are represented in the show along with Isabel Bishop, Minna Citron (he called her depiction of childbirth a kind of “Titian-esque allegory”)
and Alexander Brook (with a portrait of Rosalie Hook – the photographer and wife of Robert Gwathmey).
In conclusion Cotter wrote, “All of the colleagues in the circle traced here are now gone, though shows like this ensure that their link with history, however slender, will not be broken.”  

We are thrilled, of course.

The show is on through August 18, 2011.
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