Thursday, March 22, 2012

McNay Museum Fair This Weekend, March 24 & 25

Franz Kline, Thorpe, 1955
Saturday, March 24, 10 to 5
Sunday, March 25, noon to 5

McNay Museum Art Fair
San Antonio

This is the sixteenth year of the McNay Museum Fair, and it’s our sixteenth year as well. 

McNay’s brochure for the 2012 fair featured a fairly secret booth from last year – well, the Susan Teller Gallery booth (with gallerist Bill Teller). James Daugherty’s drawing for a New Yorker cover, Ice Skater, 1925, is clearly at center.

This year we will be showing intaglios by Peggy Bacon, Will Barnet, Reginald Marsh, and Angelo Pinto, as well as black-line woodcuts by Anne Ryan, Edmond Casarella’s tour-de-force relief print, Rock Ledge, Judith Shahn’s Mexico City Street Scene panorama, and a 1955 drawing by Franz Kline, Thorpe (referring to the Native American Olympian Jim Thorpe). 

Judith Shahn, Mexican Street Scene, 1950