Saturday, October 10, 2015



Leap Before You Look: Black Mountain College, 1933-1957, runs from October 10 through January 24, 2016, at the Institute of Contemporary Art, Boston. 

Josef Albers, Prefatio, 1942

Of course, Josef Albers was a key figure; he taught there from 1933 to 1949. 

Fannie Hillsmith, The House, 1946
Fannie Hillsmith (1911-2007) taught at Black Mountain in 1945 at the invitation of Albers. In 1996 she and I travelled together to Asheville, North Carolina, when their archives honored her with a one-woman show. We visited the college grounds and even though it had been turned into a summer camp she could still see traces of the original layout. 

Peter Grippe, Death of the Heros, 1952

In the summer of 1948 Peter Grippe taught sculpture there; in addition to Albers his colleagues were Willem de Kooning, Buckminster Fuller, Merce Cunningham, and Beaumont Newhall. 

Franz Kline (1910-1962) taught there in 1952.
Franz Kline, Bather Drying Her Hair, about 1945

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