Sunday, April 5, 2015


Now on view through May 23, 2015
Center for Contemporary Printmaking, 
299 West Avenue, Norwalk, CT.

On Sunday, April 19, Susan Teller is to speak at the reception.

It was the artist George Biddle who told President Franklin Delano Roosevelt that “Artists Must Be Included in the WPA.”


Louis Lozowick

 Subway Station, NYC, 1936

CCP director and exhibition curator Laura Einstein selected the show from our extensive WPA-era collection. A percentage of the proceeds of sales from the exhibition will be donated to the Center.

The show features prints made in the WPA-era, many actually published by the WPA with the related stamps or blind stamps. Louis Schanker and Lynd Ward, who served as supervisors of the relief division in NYC, are both featured, as are Will Barnet, Riva Helfond, Michael J. Gallagher, and Harry Sternberg, who also held teaching or administrative positions. Pennsylvania, California, and Ohio workshops are also represented.