Sunday, May 14, 2017

Report on St. Louis Fair

We're back from the St. Louis Fine Print, Rare Book, And Paper Arts Fair, at the University of Missouri--St. Louis. It was sponsored by the St. Louis Mercantile Library.

This fair has an unusual ebb and flow, and this year it was heavier on art than I remember from other years. Of course one of the huge advantages of an institutionally sponsored event is the presence of the staff and here the Library’s director John Hoover, curator Julie Dunn-Morton, and several of their colleagues, were in attendance. Their support is hugely appreciated by both visitors and vendors alike.

This year we featured recent acquisitions such as lithographs and intaglios by Karl Schrag, our favorite Thomas Hart Benton print, The Race, 1942, and works by Peggy Bacon, William Baziotes, and Stanley William Hayter.

The link below to the UMSL site features a 2015 interview with Julie Dunn-Morton and ST. Thanks to SL for identifying the musical introduction as Morton Gould's Pavanne, part of his American Symphonette No. 2, composed in 1939.

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