Sunday, October 9, 2016



Workshop and Legacy: Stanley William Hayter, Krishna Reddy, Zarini Hashmi
October 6, 2016, through March 26, 2017
Gallery 464

This exhibition, a joint effort between the Department of Islamic Art and the Department of Drawings and Prints, focuses on the collaborative and supportive environment of Hayter’s Atelier 17. The Hayters in the show are from the New York, World War II branch, while those from Reddy and Zarini are from later years in Paris where all three artists worked together.

Below is case in the exhibition: Three holiday cards by Stanley William Hayter, including the card for 1946, upper left, also shown here separately, and at the right, the card for 1952, with an annotation to our own Anne Ryan.

The card at the upper right is currently part of our Atelier 17 list:
Stanley William Hayter, Holiday Card, 1946, intaglio, 5 x 3 inches

It was hard to get a shot of the whole room because there were several vitrines. But at the rear of the gallery there was the perfect background to the exhibition: An Indian “Floor Spread” from the seventeenth century with printed poppies. It had been re-purposed with cut-outs and an additional border.
Indian Floor Spread, Seventeenth Century

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