Saturday, September 24, 2011

Steel & Roses at Grolier Club

September 8 through November 4, 2011, The Grolier Club will be featuring an unusual joint exhibition: Steel & Roses.  Roses: Botanical Books section refers to the eighteenth and nineteenth century volumes collected by Fern Cohen. Steel refers to mid-twentieth century American prints collected by her husband, Hersh Cohen.  Among works in Steel are etchings or lithographs by PEGGY BACON, FRED BECKER, ABE BLASHKO, BERNARDA BRYSON SHAHN, RIVA HELFOND, ALBERT POTTER, WILLIAM E. SMITH, HARRY STERNBERG, and LYND WARD. 

Harry Sternberg, Drilling a Breast, 1937, lithograph, 15 x 21
The Grolier Club is located at 47 East 60th Street, NYC.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

2011’s Summer of Drama

Thursday, September 15
Judith Shahn, Early Work, New York City • Cape Cod • Mexico opened at Gallery.  Fall is around the corner.

Judith Shahn, Back View, Greenwich Village, NYC, 1948
Sunday, September 11
Ten Years.  The 2753 empty chairs facing South at Bryant Park were as moving as ever.

Friday, September 9
Prince Street/N&RHenge. Around 9 AM, actual sunlight falls onto the floor of the Prince Street station, south-bound. This rare event occurs three or four days in the spring and then late summer, providing they are sunny days, of course.

Friday, September 2
 A B-24 World War II plane, the last one fully restored and still operational, flew over us.

Saturday, August 27
North-East Corner of Broadway and Prince, Sunday Morning
Hurricane Irene hit. Subway and busses were shut down! There was extensive damage in NJ, NY State, and New England. New York City was spared the worst. Just in case, we spent the night – first time ever – in the gallery.

Tuesday, August 23
A 5.8 magnitude earthquake hit the East Coast. The Gallery rattled but came through without injury.

Monday, August 15
Trip to Philip Johnson Glass House – heavy rain let up late in visit.

Sunday, August 14
NYC broke an all-time record for one day’s rainfall with as much as 8 inches in some areas.

Friday, August 5
In his glowing review of the Peggy Bacon & Her Circle show, Holland Cotter wrote in The Times that Bacon and “All of the colleagues in the circle traced here are now gone, though shows like this ensure that their link with history, however slender, will not be broken.” Thank you Holland.

Friday, July 22
Temperature hit 104 degrees in Central Park making it one of the five hottest NYC days ever.
Thursday, July 14
Manhattanhenge. The sun setting on Fourteenth Street was spectacular. Fortunately it was two days because we missed in on the 13th.

Wednesday, June 29
The US Postal Service officially debuted their Pioneers of American Industrial Design stamp pane at the Cooper-Hewitt National Design Museum. The Dave Chapman -- Industrial Sewing Machines was our favorite. Chapman was the father of Associated American Artists’ colleague Carol Evans.