Monday, January 24, 2011

Los Angeles Art Show, 2011

The LA Art Show ended yesterday. The fair and the weather were beautiful. There was a giant sign on the Convention Center and it was 70-ish, sunny, calm – just terrific.
      We showed paintings from Hugh Mesibov’s surrealist period, The Wartime Shipyard, 1942-45, and works by Missourians-turned-Californians, Dorothy Browdy Kushner and Fred Shane. The  California theme was continued by natives Fred Becker, Claire Mahl Moore, Pele deLappe, and Ansei Uchima.
      Not to be out-done, New York City was represented by Will Barnet, Peggy Bacon, James Daugherty, Peter Grippe, Bernard Rosenquit, Anne Ryan, Louis Schanker, and Harry Sternberg.

James Daugherty, New York from Fort Lee, 1921